The Kia Stinger Scorpion Special Edition Adds Flair to One of Our Favorite Cars

The hatchback sports sedan gets even better

The Stinger just got refreshed for 2022  to look better and feel better inside, and it even gets more power. Now, Kia has added a new model called the Scorpion Special Editon.

Ford Announced the F-150 Lightning, The Everyman's Electric Pickup Truck

Ford's power move on the competition is ingenious

Last week, Ford unveiled its hotly anticipated F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. It emerged with a product everyone would love and at a shocker of a price... under $40,000.

Genesis Sales Have More Than Doubled Over the Past Two Years

The GV80 SUV has caused a surge for the brand

Sales have doubled over the past two years. The brand sold 1,605 vehicles in April of 2019 and 806 in April of 2020 to 3,294 vehicles in April of 2021. That's phenomenal growth.

The Hyundai Kona is One of the Most Reliable Vehicles Sold Today

Did we mention it's a blast to drive, too?

Consumer Reports recently released their list of the most reliable vehicles, and one of our favorites made the list, the Hyundai Kona.

Everybody is Paying Sticker Price for the Meager Supply on Dealer Lots

The chip shortage is no joke

It very much used to be the case that you could go into a dealership and at least try to negotiate, and your chances were that much better if the vehicle wasn't in particularly high demand.

These 5 Cars are Illegal in the U.S.

It's human nature to want what we can't have

Whether it's due to extreme speed or unusual design, some foreign cars are illegal to own and drive in the U.S. Learn why a vehicle would be banned, and see a sample of cars that are off-limits.

Leaked Photos of the Nissan 400Z Reveal It Remains True to the Stunning Concept Car

The past and the future of the Z in perfect harmony

Now, images of the production 400Z (which will be the official name) have hit the interwebs, and the car looks pretty much like the concept. Hell, we think it looks even better. 

The 2021 Genesis GV80 Aces Crash Tests to Claim an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award

Now we know how Tiger Woods survived his horrific crash

Last month, the Genesis GV80 was in the news after a major accident involving Tiger Woods. Now it passes a more formal crash test to be named a TOP SAFETY PICK+ by the IIHS.

The Most Popular Vehicles in America

Buying the right car isn't a popularity contest, or is it?

These are the top 5 vehicles that dominated the market last year. See which one was most popular in your state.

Sales Numbers Show Genesis is Gaining Ground in the Luxury Segment

Has Genesis finally reached the big leagues?

As Genesis adds two crossovers to its lineup, gains some love from the media, and shows an upward trend in sales, it looks like the tide may finally be turning for the automaker.

Can You Buy a Car That Doesn't Have a Title?

See what to do if the seller won't fork up the car title

Learn how you can buy a car without a title, the risks involved, and what to do if you already purchased a vehicle with no title.

What Does the Chip Shortage Mean for Car Manufacturers?

Something so small has a big impact

A global semiconductor shortage is costing automakers billions. Here's why it occurred and what the auto industry can do to prevent future disruptions.

Stellantis Calls Off The Ram Dakota's Revival

At least we're used to things getting canceled by now

Reports indicate the resurrection of the Dodge Dakota as the midsize Ram Dakota has been canceled by parent company Stellantis. Here's what we know so far.

Cadillac Makes a Super Bowl Car Commercial Highlighting an Actual Vehicle

It's nice to see one that just focuses on the car

At least Caddy did something lighthearted that brings back movie memories and also points to the future. The American luxury car brand released "Edgar Scissorhands".

Volvo is Giving Away $2 Million Worth of Cars in 'Safety Sunday' Sweepstakes

Suddenly, we don't care about touchdowns

To showcase its unwavering commitment to driver safety, Volvo is putting $2 million dollars worth of cars on the line for the big game on Sunday. See how you can enter to win.