The news of Volkswagen dropping manual transmissions from the Golf GTI and the Golf R is enough to make us cry. As we've said before, it's the way of the world. Does a possible electric version of the GTI satisfy us? No, but here it is. The new all-electric Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept just showed up at the Munich Motor Show looking like a GTI of the future. It's slick, muscular, red, and very GTI. Let's take a closer look even with the limited information about the car. 

id. GTI

The ID. GTI is based on the sub-$25k ID. 2all concept, and VW says it's going to happen. The ID. GTI gets a very GTI clamshell hood and LED lights, a GTI-like mesh lower grille, tons of red and black details, prominent bodywork, deep door sculpting, and even a rear diffuser. GTI logos are rife on the exterior, in 3D form, no less. The car also gets thin vertically-oriented LED fog lights that depart from the current honeycomb versions. Aero work extends beyond the rear diffuser and includes a lip spoiler, a roof spoiler, and prominent side skirts. The quad taillights get some tinting, and the dark 20" GTI wheels finish off the look. It still manages to pull off a GTI ethos quite well. 

id gti

There are no photos of the cabin, only renderings. We do know that the production car will get those famous tartan plaid sport seats and a golf-ball themed drive mode selector (the shift know will be on the steering column like other ID. EVs). There will also be a sporty steering wheel with an LED marker at the 12 o'clock position. The gauges will take the form of a 10.9-inch instrument cluster that can display classic GTI instrument clusters. 

vw id. gti

The ID. GTI is actually a bit smaller than the current Golf GTI, more along the lines of the Volkswagen Polo GTI that's sold in Europen, not the Americas. It's a tad taller than the Golf GTI. Overall occupant space, however, is larger while the cargo space is diminished by a couple of cubes. 

id gti aero

Surprisingly, there are no details about the actual powertrain, despite the fact that we know it will be electric like all ID. vehicles. The car will be front-wheel drive like the 2all and all GTIs. Power, of course,e will be greater than the ID. 2all, and the batteries will be floor-mounted for a low center of gravity. For driving delights, the ID. GTI will also get a limited-slip differential, multiple simulated shift patterns, and even "engine" sounds like a real GTI.  Pretty cool.

id gti interior

Despite the fact that the ID. GTI will be built, we don't know a production or sale date. We're not even sure whether or not the U.S. will get it, but we can hope. It, by no means, makes up for the loss of the manual transmission gas-powered GTI, but we'll take it. 

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