Aston Martin makes some of the most stunning automobiles today, and their designs are legendary. Their latest slinky steed is the convertible version of the beautiful DB12 is here, and it's called the DB12 Volante. It's what Aston Martin calls the world's first "super tourer". That involves so many wonderful things that it makes a strong case for buying a super-pricey convertible versus the already excellent hard top. What Aston Martin does to make this droptop so incredible is worth a closer look. 

aston martin db12 volante

The fabric top uses 8 layers of fabric in the soft top to make it ultra-quiet, and it also makes it possible for the Volante to match the 202-mph top speed of the coupe. The power-operated fabric top requires just 14 seconds to deploy and 16 seconds close (at speeds of up to 31 mph). If you want people to stare, just do that while pulling away from a stop light. Owners can also deploy the top and air it out using the key fob, as long as you're within a two-meter radius. As if there isn't enough about this beauty to stare at already.

aston martin db12 volante front

The rakish and swoopy body is the same as the Aston Martin DB12 coupe, and there are some stunning element including the huge signature grille, dramatic hood creases, big front fender vents, and those winged taillights that wrap around the rear spoiler beautifully. Owners can also customize the DB12 Volante using the Q by Aston Martin department. Paint, wheels, interior upholstery and trim, you name it. As long as you have the funds to do it, Q will handle it (no, not James Bond's Q). 

aston martin db12 volante rear 34

The 2+2 grand tourer is powered by a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 with 671 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of twist to take it to 62 mph in a mere 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 202 mph, just like the coupe. This is a major feat, given the fact that most convertibles suffer due to more weight and increased wind resistance but not the DB12 Volante. Of course, those numbers change if you decide to hammer it with the top down. 

aston martin db12 volante profile

The DB12 Volante's powerful mill gets mated to a quick-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission working, along with a torque converter, an electronic rear limited-slip differential, and a carbon fiber shaft. Behind the big 21-inch forged wheels are 400-mm front and 360-mm rear brake discs that can be upgraded to optional carbon ceramic brakes that drop weight by a full 60 pounds. The wheels are shod with grippy low-profile Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tires.

aston martin db12 volante top

The sumptuous interior includes leather, suede, carbon fiber, and aluminum. The wide center console has physical buttons and knobs in bespoke fashion. Aston Martin's new infotainment system with a 10.25-inch touchscreen with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is standard. The car comes standard with an 11-speaker, 390-watt standard sound system. The upgraded system is a booming Bowers & Wilkins 15-speaker, 1,170-watt system just in case the stock one is insufficient.

aston martin DB12 volante interior

This open-air supercar will debut at The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering ]during Monterey Car Week, and the car should be available for sale in the third quarter of this year with deliveries in the fourth quarter. The price? A cool $265,000 and worth every penny.