Even when Lincoln was still building sedans, apparently no one took notice because they sold about as well as cruise ship tickets during the height of the pandemic. Lincoln ditched their sedans (MKZ and MKS) a couple of years ago, and no one really shed a tear. But the brand just unveiled a slinky concept sedan at the Shanghai Auto Show, and the world stood in awe. The Zephyr Reflection "preview car" stunned the audience and showed the world what Lincoln designers could do. It's about as beautiful of a sedan as Lincoln has made in, well, ever.

lincoln zephyr reflection profile
Perfectly proportioned and sexy from every angle, the Zephyr Reflection needs to be built.

Just look at this drool-worthy concept car. It does just about everything well. The ultra-slim LED headlights are complemented by the new "hexagonal bean" grille that has multiple, tiny inset Lincoln shields for great visual texture. The curved hood wouldn't look out of place on an Audi A7 or a Jaguar F-Type, but here it actually look better.

The body crease runs from the trailing edge of the headlights all the way to the rear quarter panel. While we don't love faux fender vents or decorative treatments, the Zephyr Reflection's is long and attractively done. The contoured door panels are perfectly done, and the extra creases in the door and side skirts below give the car a sense of power. The back end has a small, muted ducktail spoiler and full-width taillights. The car's thin roof in profile is wonderfully done, and its line is elegant and sporty, at the same time. 

lincoln zephyr reflection rear

Inside, the look is very modern and quite beautiful with a two-tone treatment, a squarish steering wheel with a futuristic-looking hub with controls, and a massive four-panel screen that spans the entire width of the dashboard. It appears that physical controls are minimized, despite a subtle shifter in the center console. 

lincoln zephyr reflection interior
It will hard to keep your eyes on the road with so much screen real estate present.

Lincoln has coined its new design language "Quiet Flight," which gives the impression of futuristic private jet design inspiration. It appears that the brand will introduce something similar to the Zephyr Reflection for the Chinese market, but we don't know how close it will be to the concept. The Chinese-produced Lincoln Corsair PHEV debuted along with the Zephyr Reflection, and both vehicles will be designed and built in China, along with future models inspired by the new sedan.

lincoln mkz
The 2020 Lincoln MKZ was forgettable, a gussied up Ford Fusion (note: the Fusion looked better).

Our hope is that a vehicle like the new Zephyr Reflectioon will come to us and that Lincoln Motor Company will revive a truly premium sedan that's not just a rebadged Ford. This new concept makes it very clear that the brand has a lot to offer in the still important premium sedan segment that's dominated by the Germans. If Lincoln can make it a performance PHEV or a pure EV with excellent efficiency and output, they might be onto something. In a world of ubiquitous crossovers, the Zephyr Reflection can make Lincoln sedans great again.