Car Reviews


2021 Toyota GR Supra 2.0 Review

Light, quick, and Supra fun

2021 Kia Sorento Hybrid EX Review

Hybrid efficiency with style and room

2022 Hyundai Tucson Limited Hybrid AWD Review

Breaking from the design pack

2022 Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck Images Leaked by Dealership

The light-duty truck the brand needs now

Well before the official debut of the 2022 Toyota Tundra comes a photo leak of the upcoming new light-duty pickup truck straight from a Toyota dealership.

The 2022 Kia Telluride Gets the Company's New Logo and Some Nice Upgrades

This hot-selling three-row SUV continues to rise

Kia has given the Telluride a slight refresh, namely in the form of a revised grille with the new Kia logo. But the changes are more than skin deep thanks to some upgrades.

The New Tesla Model S Plaid is Insanely Quick and Amazingly Efficient

It will blow the doors off just about anything

Everyone knows Teslas are quick, but Elon Musk just pulled the covers back on its most powerful Model S to date, and it's known as the Model S Plaid.

Even With a Price Bump, the Chevrolet Corvette Continues to Be a Supercar Bargain

Three new paint colors, too

Not much in terms of performance and styling has changed with the 2022 Corvette Stingray, which will enter its third year of production for the mid-engined C8 generation.

The Ford Maverick is a $20,000 Compact Pickup Truck With Hybrid Power

It's the top gun of compact pickup trucks

Who would've thought the manufacturer of the most popular combustion-engine pickup truck series would be the one to innovate it? What's more, the Maverick's starting price is under $20,000. 

Toyota Turns the Corolla Into a Crossover Named, What Else, the Corolla Cross

Let's hope they don't do this with the Camry

Toyota just turned their venerable Corolla compact sedan and hatchback into a freakin' crossover. What's more, they've given it an ingenious name: the Corolla Cross.

The Kia Stinger Scorpion Special Edition Adds Flair to One of Our Favorite Cars

The hatchback sports sedan gets even better

The Stinger just got refreshed for 2022  to look better and feel better inside, and it even gets more power. Now, Kia has added a new model called the Scorpion Special Editon.

The Crazy Bussink GT R Speedlegend is a Mercedes With No Roof or Windshield

Is there a more radical one-off you've seen recently?

The somewhat awkward name of the car is the Bussink GT R Speedlegend. It might not exactly roll off your tongue, but the car has no problem rolling, very quickly, at that.

Ford Announced the F-150 Lightning, The Everyman's Electric Pickup Truck

Ford's power move on the competition is ingenious

Last week, Ford unveiled its hotly anticipated F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. It emerged with a product everyone would love and at a shocker of a price... under $40,000.

The 300-Mile Range Kia EV6 is the First Electric Car We Would Buy For Ourselves

It even has a high-performance GT version

We know just about everyone is gaga about Tesla, but our money would be spent on the new Kia EV6 (especially in high-performance GT trim). The car has now been fully revealed with key specifications.

Toyota Teases the 2022 Tundra Pickup Truck Before Its Official Debut

A small taste of a big thing for Toyota

Toyota just dropped a teaser image of the upcoming 2022 Tundra, and it looks menacing enough based on the single photo. It's supposedly coming to showrooms in December of 2021.

The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake is Another Wagon We Won't Get in America

Is this thing beautiful, or what?

Genesis just pulled the covers off their most stunning version of the new G70 in station wagon form. It's called the Genesis G70 Shooting Brake.

The 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan Gets Refreshed to Be More Competitive in the Small Crossover Segment

Can it sell even better than it already does?

Yep, the Tiguan has been incredibly successful, and the German automaker has built more than six million units. It's actually the most successful SUV in Europe and the VW Group's best-seller.

Ford Will Revive the F-150 Lighting Name For Its Electric Pickup Truck

Ford really loves using old names for new vehicles

Not only is it taking its cash cow and making an all-electric version of it, but it's also taking a name once dedicated to its own performance truck from back in the day: F-150 Lightning.